N° 435 décembre 2018

Nanostructured carbon materials for energy storage applications

Pagination : 36-42
Rubrique : Recherche et développement
Sous-rubrique : Médaillés 2017 du CNRS

Synthesis pathways used to prepare carbon hybrid materials (carbon containing metal nanoparticles) [Matei Ghimbeu C. et al., Nanoscale, 2015, 22, p. 10111].

Nanostructured carbon and carbon hybrid materials are of great interest in many applications such as energy storage, adsorption and catalysis. The development of eco-friendly, simple and cost-effective processes allowing to control the carbon characteristics are important challenges to achieve in order to design materials with optimal features and improved performances.

This article describes green synthesis concepts developed to prepare carbon materials with tuned porosity, structure, functional groups and embedded metallic nanoparticles. By carefully chosen examples, the impact of such carbon characteristics, independently tuned one from each other, on the performances in energy storage devices (supercapacitors, batteries and hydrogen storage) is highlighted via novel established correlations.

Matei Ghimbeu was awarded the 2017 CNRS Bronze Medal.