N° 416 mars 2017

Continuing urban development with sustainable buildings

Pagination : 40-43
Rubrique : Industrie

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We are living the largest wave of urban growth in history. In megacities, urban-dwellers spend 90% of their time inside buildings. More than half of the world’s population now lives in towns, and it is estimated that by the year 2050 more than 70% of this population will live in urban areas while nowadays is the case for the European population. The densification of the European population in cities is facing serious challenges. According to Ralf Spettmann, President of Construction Chemicals, “BASF has mastered the ability to think in terms of integrated system solutions. It can therefore make valuable contributions to enable urban life to be shaped in healthy and life-enhancing ways in the future, in Europe and throughout the world.

This article exhibits ways to optimize small spaces and extreme environmental conditions developed by BASF in order to answer the city challenges by the uses of intelligent thin thermal insulation and smart design. For instance, after seven years of research, BASF chemist Marc Fricke and his team have developed a high-performance insulating material, thin and light, based on an organic aerogel that consists of 90% air which will be soon available in the market.

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