N° 171 septembre-octobre 1992

Synthesis and properties of perconjugated systems

Pagination : 320-323
Rubrique : Congrès SCF 1991 - Colloque II: Les matériaux d'avenir

This article focuses on the main developments in polymers containing conjugated -HC=CH- bonds. It begins with oxidative coupling, which at the start of the 1960s evolved through various stages of polyaromatic and polyheteroaromatic synthesis to culminate in the production of electrically conducting polymers.

During the last decades, various new syntheses have been developed, important correlations discovered, e.g. between orientation, defects and conductivity, and numerous potential applications found for organic electrodes and conducting foils and coatings. These include electrochemical energy storage, electromagnetic shielding, sensors, drug depot materials and electrochromic indicators.

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