N° 447 janvier 2020

Storytelling and hands-on activities boosting young children’s awareness and understanding of chemistry

Pagination : 43-47
Rubrique : Enseignement et formation
Sous-rubrique : Médiation scientifique

Using the adequate props, the story “Aitch-two-o : A drop of water” was told.

This article sums up three case studies carried out at a Portuguese science center, an elementary school, and a preschool, where storytelling and hands-on activities were combined.

These studies produced indicators in line with the idea that appropriate and carefully chosen stories, combined with hands-on activities, may be a useful pedagogical approach to promote the attraction of young students to science and to teach some of its concepts. The hands-on activities, related to prior storytelling, seem to be a good way to involve students through listening, reading, imagining, understanding, making, and explaining, and thus can generate interest in science and scientific research.

Furthermore, it is necessary to make a deeper assessment of the impact of those approaches on learning, development of scientific literacy, and the way young students perceive chemistry.