N° 446 décembre 2019

Nanomedicine: concrete achievements thanks to interdisciplinarity

Pagination : 23-28
Rubrique : Recherche et développement
Sous-rubrique : Médailles 2018 du CNRS – Médaillés d’argent
Different areas of nanomedicine.

Nanomedicine can be defined as the medicine involving nanomaterials and nanotechnologies for theranostic approaches. The possibility of integrating particles of nanometric dimensions in pharmaceutical formulations has transformed the medical world, finding applications in various fields.

So far, nanoparticles enable to make innovative breakthroughs in the development of nanovaccines, the targeted delivery of drugs, nano-antibiotics as alternatives to combat bacterial resistance and infections, as well as the development of new and miniaturized diagnostic platforms, and the design of medical implants and wearable devices for personalized medicine.

Some of these innovations are currently used in clinics. Some of our contributions to this multidisciplinary field at the interface between chemistry, materials science, nanotechnology, biology and medicine are presented in this article.

Sabine Szunerits was awarded the 2018 CNRS Silver Medal.