N° 375-376 juin-juil.-août 2013

Industrial biotechnology at BASF: where chemistry and biology meet

Pagination : 37-41
Sous-thème : Biotechnologies industrielles et applications

Aspergillus niger is capable to produce massive amounts of useful enzymes.
Phytase, glucanase and xylanase are examples from BASF’s current enzyme portfolio. This figure shows fungal mycelium, an agglomeration of cell filaments with diameter of approx. 2-5 μm.

Industrial or white biotechnology is a key technology to augment the competencies of a modern chemical company in the 21st century. BASF has a long tradition of exploiting nature’s synthetic tool box to develop innovative and resource-conserving solutions for its customers.

Some examples of these biotechnological processes are highlighted in this article as well as potential future applications.

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