N° 442 July-August 2019

Only fusion can meet the energy challenge mankind is facing

Pagination : 11-14
Rubrique : IUPAC 2019 Paris, 7-12 July 2019 - Frontiers in Chemistry: let's create our future!
Sous-rubrique : Chemistry for energy and ressources
© ITER Organization.

The 23,000-tonne ITER Tokamak will rest on a massive circular “crown” at the bottom of the bioshield. The openings in the cylindrical structure are for the different systems that need to reach into the machine : power feeders, vacuum pumping, heating, cryogenics, cooling water, diagnostics, etc.

Imitating the processes at work within the core of the stars opens the way to a new, safe and sustainable energy source for the generation of electricity on a massive scale : this is what the international project ITER is about. Whatever the projections or scenarios, and despite all the energy-saving measures we might implement, one thing is certain : we will need to produce more and more clean energy during this century to meet the needs of the planet’s evergrowing population.

By the end of this century, as the number of humans passes the ten billion mark, world energy demand will have increased by a factor of three. The share of electricity in global energy consumption, which is approximately 20 percent today, will have grown up to 50 percent. Meeting this huge increase in demand is one of the most daunting challenges mankind has ever had to face. Our options are limited.